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Facebook Reviews

positive review  They did our Range Rover beautifully I recommend this place Friendly staff Mary is amazing 😉

thumb Mkazi Nasibeko
October 25, 2018

positive review  Great body shop. Well priced and quality work.

thumb Nick Kottlowski
May 29, 2019

Took my 2014 Ford Focus to Michael Lewis at Mycos Collision. They did and excellent job and in a timely manner too. Great job on my car Mike and thanks a lot.

thumb Brian Misenheimer
May 5, 2017

positive review  Very nice people!! Great work on fixing my car!! They get you in and out as fast as possible!!! Thank you again guys and Mary!!!

thumb Veronica Cecil
March 18, 2019

Great work!! Customer service is outstanding. Highly recommended.

thumb Russell Burgess Jr
September 26, 2017

positive review  Mike has worked on all my cars, very reasonable, never been disappointed

thumb Cressie Seaton Petersen
May 15, 2019

positive review  Great job on my 62 Catalina. On time, on budget. Thanks Mike.

thumb DaShenna Huey
June 1, 2018

thumb Josh DelConte
March 8, 2016

I'm very pleased with the body work they've done on my SUV!! They are pleasant people and they get things done in a timely matter! they'll always be my 1st choice !!

thumb Kiata Cox Pierre
March 22, 2017

positive review  Mike and his team are laid back, friendly and very professional. I got into a minor fender bender that was not covered under my insurance. The price I was given was way more reasonable than I thought it would be. They did an amazing job on my car, and quick, too. I was highly impressed and would recommend them to anyone that needs a body shop.

thumb Keith Shepard
March 15, 2019

Took my 2003 Corvette there after someone backed on top of the front end cracking it. I also needed to replace the drivers side mirror. After consultation Myco's said they can fix it instead of me getting a new piece and have that painted. They also found a used mirror assembly instead of me having to pay for a new one. Myco's was able to get the mirror working properly (After a mechanic told me part was broken/brittle because of age). They returned the used mirror, thus saving me money. The work looks great and instead of having me buy used or new parts they were able to do the repairs and ended up much up cheaper than the original estimate saving me hundreds of dollars. The car was also done earlier than they said it would be.

thumb Danny Vallone
March 16, 2018

positive review  Excellent service and very professional ! I Highly recommend.

thumb Quanique Vanderhorst
June 5, 2019

They did fantastic job on a friend's Toyota after an accident. I took my Ford truck there for some mechanic work. After spending a lot of money 2 other places with no results, they repaired it right away. I highly recommend them and will get some detailing done there next.

thumb Bill Neely
April 7, 2015

They fixed my truck in a timely way. Excellent work, never know back bumper got crunched involving tailgate issue. Looks like a brand new truck ! Definetly reccommend Myco's!

thumb Lynn Dunfee
April 22, 2018

Excellent paint jobs and customer service

thumb Traci Lewis
January 12, 2014

positive review  they do excellent work very professional im a very satisfied customer i recomend going to myco's for your auto body and paint needs

thumb Robert Lewis
January 17, 2019

They did a terrific job on my Chrysler 300...someone smacked me and of course didn;t leave their info...so I had to pay...Myco's did a super job...never could tell it was hit at all...thanks Mycos...........

thumb Karen Patrick
June 10, 2016

positive review  they do a great job. Love the work they have done on two of our vechiles.

thumb Kristen Cirolia
February 18, 2019

positive review  I’ve had MYCO work on my cars for years and was always verypleased with the results. Mike did an awesome job painting my 75 Vette.

thumb Bill Voss
January 17, 2019

Very impressed! Myco's Collision have the most competitive prices, great service and provide quality work. The fender on my car had to be fixed. Other body shops quoted as much as 3 times what I paid at Myco's. No need to go anywhere else.

thumb Sue Socrates
July 16, 2016

Very professional in making repairs on our Avalon. Looks great and their prices are fair. I hope you never need collision services but if you do, ask Myko's for a quote. They'll do a great job for you too.

thumb Dennis Stuempfle
June 16, 2017

Awesome family owned business! Myco can take care of all your automotive needs.

thumb Jacqueline Annemarie
June 23, 2016

positive review  Have used them for years always does an awesome job I highly recommend them!

thumb Michael Wilkinson
January 17, 2019

positive review  They are very professional and fixed my car perfectly in less time than they estimated.

thumb Sherrie Glensky
March 15, 2019

Best body shop around, Michael repaired damage to my motorcycle and Matched paint perfectly.....Well Pleased biker !!............;)

thumb Bones Dwight Leadbetter
March 15, 2017

positive review  Great service, prices and friendly thanks

thumb Lisa Malloy Monks
February 14, 2019

positive review  great place great work very reasonable

thumb Bill Neely
December 28, 2018

thumb Chaela Johnston
August 19, 2016

Just had Mycos fix my Honda Fit that was damaged when a pole jumped out in front of it! LOL! They did a phenomenal job. Car looks brand new and their service went above and beyond. They also detailed the inside. I highly recommend them. Fair price and super service.

thumb Caryn Abrahams-Goodwin
December 13, 2017

positive review  Recently brought my 2017 Nissan Maxima Platinum to Myco’s after it was involved in a wreck. They did amazing work! Highly recommended!

thumb Kayla Moody Blanton
November 15, 2018

Yelp Reviews

  I was out of town enjoying my vacation in North Myrtle when I was rear-ended in a car accident. I had to leave my car in SC as I traveled back home to Missouri to wait until it was completed to travel back and retrieve it. During the whole process Mary, an employee, would call and update me with any news and truly sympathized with my situation instead of leaving me in the dark like many other mechanic shops tend to do. Then when it was time to retrieve my car, my plane was delayed 5 hours. In result I wasn't able to make it to their shop before they closed, but instead of making me spend more money by having to stay in a hotel and wait for them to open the next morning, they made arrangements for me to still be able to pick up my vehicle after hours. I extremely appreciated their customer service and helpfulness during that whole stressful experience as well as working as quickly as they could to help me bring my car finally home.

thumb Emily M.

  We recently moved here and have had no experience with body shops around the area. Here is where YELP comes in quite handy. I had a minor fender bender in a doctors office parking lot and received about 8 different quotes to repair. We were payIng cash (as opposed to going through our insurance) and a couple of places told us we needed to replace the whole front bumper (approx. $1600) with a new one (I believe they did this out of an over-abundance of caution to make certain the job was completed "like new") but Mike at Mycos said he could fix the nasty dent (see photos) for less than half the price ($725) without replacing the bumper! Mycos got our business and we WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! After getting quotes from multiple body shops in the area, and reading reviews on several websites, we chose Mycos. Dropped my car off on a Tuesday morning. It was completed by Thursday. We are very happy with the results. Thank you Mike, Mary and all of your employees. We were pleased with every interaction and my car looks great! Thank you! We are very satisfied customers!!!

thumb Donna L.

  I took my car to Myco's and once again blown away with their service and quality of work. Every time I have used Myco their schedule was spot on and the work exceptional. Michael is a pleasure to deal with and extremely accommodating. This time the bill was a bit lower than his estimate. What an unexpected surprise. Highly recommend Myco's for excellent value and high quality work.

thumb Mike D.

  Excellent work and was spot on for the estimate. Paint job was a perfect match. Did the work in the time they told me. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for great body work.

thumb Mike S.

  Fantastic team of people with friendly smiles. Easy to work with, prompt and professional. They are very reasonably priced and do absolutely awesome work. I highly recommend!

thumb Anna B.

  Just picked up my car at Myco's.  Was quoted $395 and actually cost $350.  The work he did on rear panel was excellent.  The paint color matched perfect.  They also buffed out scratchers caused by door dings.  I went to Myco's because of the Yelp reviews. I highly recommend if you need auto body repair.

thumb George K.

  Myco's did a custom paint job on my 2013 Chevy Camaro. It was awesome. They did exactly what I wanted, and it is a quality job. The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend them. The owner takes great care to be sure that you are satisfied. He is very professional. The customer service can't be beat.

thumb Julie B.

  Kudos is the only place to go. Restored my 1985 Mercedes diesel to pristine condition after severe flood water damage. Like it just left the showroom!
Myco is a professional and perfectionist. I highly recommend this business.

thumb Phyllis N.